Perth Mod has trees. That’s the way we like it.

This site is set up by concerned parents and is independent of the P & C.

Perth Mod parents were shocked the Labor Party wants to end the school as we know it. Representatives met with Sue Ellery, the shadow minister for Education last week. She is adamant that consultation was not going to happen, and the school move would go ahead regardless.

The irony is that Mod is one of the only schools in the state where there is no need to change anything. We just want to be left alone.

For local intake families which may be considering the site as a prospective school from 2020 we have bad news. The parents of Perth Mod will take this battle to the next election if we have to, to get our school back. Perth Mod was built to be academically selective right from the beginning. There is no certainty in the Labor proposal for anyone. It doesn’t solve anything.

This site started on 17th Feb by a group of parents and is unofficial, unauthorized and is growing fast to help spread the word. There is no input or connection to staff, who must remain silent during the election campaign. The teachers who know our kids aren’t allowed to give us their professional opinion. Another shame.

 To express a view on something here, use the CONTACT Form, or leave a comment.

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