Overwhelming opposition from Parents and Citizens

For release to press. Friday 17th February 2017


[A few quotes:] The Labor Party’s election commitment to relocate Perth Modern School students to a new academically selective school in the city was overwhelmingly opposed by a special meeting of the School’s Parents and Citizens body.

At a hastily convened extraordinary meeting on February 7 the overwhelming majority of those attending were concerned that the ALP’s election commitment with respect to Perth Modern School had been developed and announced without consultation with any of the stakeholders – the parent body, the Education Department or the school executive.

“The announcement took parents completely by surprise,” the President said…

…the tradition and heritage is at risk without the longevity of the location at Roberts Road.

Generous alumni … have set up trust funds that award scholarships to students in financial need and have provided significant contributions to major building projects.

“There were very genuine grave concerns expressed in relation to student welfare and disruption to the academic future of current students.” Students currently in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be displaced during their critical years. They were not aware of this proposal when they made their application for entry to Perth Modern …

“…There is overwhelming concern and opposition to the proposal and worry about the uncertainty it is creating.”

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