Are you a Labor Voter?

election-2017 Parents of Perth Mod children didn’t want to get involved in politics, but the current plan from Labor compels us to.

If you want a Labor government but don’t want to move the school — perhaps because sticking school children in a skyscraper near business, pubs, and drugs strikes you as a poor idea — then please send your messages to Labor candidates. Get involved. Your opinion counts. Labor is more likely to listen to Labor supporters. There is still time to stop this high-rise thought bubble!

It was the Labor Party that got Perth Mod back to its original role as an academic school, in 2005. Credit to Geoff Gallop. Perth Mod helps to keep talented families in Perth and slow the brain drain. It’s a Smart State policy. Ex-pat West Australians have moved back to Perth from places like Singapore and the US only because a child was enrolled at Mod.

Many current parents are saying they will leave the school if this plan occurs. Parents of year 6 students are already changing priorities because of the uncertainty. No one wants their kid cooped up in a high-rise for high school.

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