Walk to Parliament House Thurs May 25th!

The Peaceful Public Walk!

We will be leaving from Mueller Park hopefully as close as possible to 3.30pm. We expect to arrive at Parliament House by 4 to 4.10pm at the very latest. Timing will be tight at Parliament House due to question time commencing at 4.30pm.

We also have four student speakers who will share their thoughts and represent others students for the first time on the steps of Parliament House. The student speakers are our main speakers and we do think they will be very powerful and effective, as we saw at the City of Subiaco. A big thank you in advance to the students and their families, such a proud moment.

Why: To support the presentation of our 6000 strong Save Perth Modern School petition to the Legislative Council by the Hon Donna Faragher MLC, Shadow Minister for Education, and the issues the petition raises.

Parking at School: You can park in the two lower parks on the East side of the basketball courts (entrance off Subiaco Road) if the boom gate is not open for the basketball courts or around the streets nearby. Please allow enough time as parking can be difficult and the road works are not helping.

Parking at Parliament House: Limited parking is available opposite the main steps of Parliament House, and there is a parking area as you drive in the main entrance off Harvest Terrace. The overflow parking is on the right and is an old tennis court. There is also paid parking in Parliament Place, Harvest Terrace and surrounding streets.

Other things to Consider:
1) School bags. A number of us will be walking back to school so you may like to leave bags at school. If you are going straight to the city or catching public transport afterwards bring them with you.
2) You may like to bring a percussion instrument (cow bells, maracas etc) to add to the atmosphere.
3) Don’t forget water bottles and snacks.
4) We will have a number of signs (40 to 50) to share if you haven’t had a chance to make your own.
5) At all times please listen and stay together in a very orderly fashion – safety is paramount. We do have a number of Safety Marshals and First Aid Officers to assist in achieving this.
6) Lastly all students will need an adult supervisor, so one suggestion is for parents who can make it to supervise a few of their child’s friends who parents can’t.

Please see route map attached. . #saveperthmodern

Ask questions at the Save Perth Modern Facebook page, or join the private Save Perth Modern Facebook page.


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