Parents hopeful, thankful for Ellery’s support of fully selective academic schools

Perth Modern School Campaign Group

Press Release: June 12, 2017

Parents grateful and hopeful, for Perth Modern School to continue as is, serving WA, and thankful that Sue Ellery supports fully selective academic programs

The parents that organised the 13,000 strong petitions and large protest in May 2017 are delighted that the McGowan government and Education Minister, the Honorable Sue Ellery MLC are reconsidering the Education Central proposal announced before the election.

We have two statements to make in regard to the The Sunday Times articles this weekend:

  1. We are very grateful for what we have and want Perth Modern School to continue exactly as is in the current location.
  2. Other decisions on new school locations should be evidence-based, transparent, made through a comprehensive process, and only after consultation with all affected groups first.

Furthermore we thank Sue Ellery for her statements in support of fully academic schools in the Legislative Council on May 24th:

“I go one step further and say that we have to recognise the benefit of fully academic select schools and we have to continue to provide them. We have only one completely academic select school right now in Western Australia; I think we need more.

… fully academically select schools are the appropriate way to ensure highly gifted and talented students thrive.”

As parents, we agree that WA needs a fully selective academic school (or two) because the dedicated teachers are so valued, the customized accelerated pace matches children’s needs, and we feel the social support and culture is every bit as important as the academic opportunity. We also appreciate the stewardship, wisdom and financial support for low income students that is provided by Modernians and the community of the historical site in Subiaco.


Parents of Perth Modern School Campaign Group

REFERENCES: Additional quotes from Sue Ellery in Hansard May 24th 2017$FILE/C40+S1+20170524+p451e-470a.pdf

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