Labor plan will end Perth Modern School as we know it

election-2017 If elected, the Labor Party wants to encase our children from age 11 in a 25 story high-rise glass tower over a railway with banks and businesses on one side and drugs and pubs on the other. It will happen in 2 years 8 months. The “details” are in the Education Central  PDF.

You might think this is a fantasy, but there is an ugly demographic squeeze coming:  2,000 extra students have to be in high-school somewhere in 2020 and current schools are already stretched to the absolute, breaking, hilt. A new school has to be built somewhere. The Liberals want to reopen City Beach SHS and plan extra funding for other schools to expand. The Labor Party will axe the City Beach reopening, axe the extra funds, and instead build a school in the city that Perth Mod families don’t want. Labor will offer the current Perth Mod school buildings to local intake, which will only take half the expected increase.

This site is being set up by concerned parents and friends of Perth Modern School. It is independent of the P&C.

Kids don’t belong in skyscrapers at a school with no trees and no oval.  Kick a football on the roof and create a road hazard 25 floors down. No Aussie Rules game is even possible — What were they thinking?  There are grave health and safety issues that affect performance, sleep, mental health, and fitness. This is a reckless experiment with children when medical research suggests they need more sunlight, more contact with greenery, and more exercise!

Children are being used as political pawns.

There was no consultation with parents, students or school staff. If Labor will shamelessly use children as their own election tool, what won’t they do to win?

As many as 2,000 families are impacted by this cynical vote-buying ploy, and they are angry and organized people. Watch this space.

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