Save our school!

This is going to happen if Labor win the election unless we speak up now.

If you are angry about this proposal get in touch with us. Contact your parent social coordinator through email, use the contact page here, or leave a comment here or at the facebook page. Being connected with other parents is the most important first step. Together we can stop this. We are getting advice, talking to State parliamentarians from both major parties and putting together a strategy.

To Do:

  • Write to the Labor and Liberal Candidate in your electorate.
  • Sign the petition: Academic Excellence stays at Perth Modern – say ‘NO’ to a high-rise school
  • Share the message on facebook. We’d love to see you join the group.
  • Send a letter to the editor.
  • Let friends know.
  • Send in your suggestions!

One thought on “Save our school!

  1. Please email your local candidates, Sue Ellery (Labor Education Minister), Mark McGowan (Labor Leader) and your local papers and The West with a Letter to the Editor. Every voice is so important. If we all do this we can all make a huge difference together and send a message they cannot ignore. Hands off Perth Modern.

    This was some of the questions I asked my local Labor candidate:
    My questions:-

    1) Why no consultation with Perth Modern families or other Western Suburbs families? In fact given the timing of the announcement it appears Labor is even stifling debate. Is Labor worried by debate and discussion on this matter? Why weren’t we advised and given an opportunity to discuss, explore and help develop any plans? On this matter our school advised:-

    Please be advised that, as this is a political matter, our school and the Department of Education have not been involved in these discussions and have no further background or details.

    2) Perth Modern presently offers a fantastic curriculum that enables depth and breadth for students at the current school. They can do classes in Visual arts, drama, cooking, metal work, sport recreation, aquatic recreation and so on. Is this under threat? Will WA Labor guarantee that all present subject choice remains? Some of these classes require students to be transported to other locations in their double periods. Is this under threat given the possible new location and the city congestion experienced now and into the future?
    3) Why is a possible Labor Government supporting a school that is owned by private enterprise? I do not like the fact that we will have to pay huge rents per annum for a public school space – $13M to start has been estimated I believe. Does WA Labor have plans to sell other schools? Does WA Labor plan to privatise the ownership of more new schools? I thought Labor was against privatisation of Government assets (Western Power).
    4) I do not like the concept of a multi-purpose building with a future academic school on the top of a 25 storey building. Scitech is proposed to occupy the lower floors. What is in the middle? How are future students safety and security going to be managed? Are they going to be captive in the top floors to eliminate the risks associated with a very busy public facility located in the lower floors. Mr McGowan is quoted as saying the new Scitech may bring millions of visitors. I find this alarming when you consider the age of high school children. I know of no other proposed high rise school in the Eastern States that is not Government owned and for a single use (that is providing high school education).
    5) Would you send your children to a school that occupies the top floors of a 25 storey building?
    6) What studies have been done to ensure children’s health and wellbeing is not detrimentally affected? I have seen so many mental health issues (eating disorders, anxiety, self-harm etc) that I again hold grave concerns for a school that is contained in the top floors of a 25 storey building.
    7) Parents I talk to who live a reasonable distance from the school see no significant gains to be made in terms of transportation to and from school with the new proposed location. The current school is already located in a great spot. Why change it?
    8) Where are the demographic studies to back up this plan? I think the Gallop Government where the ones that closed City Beach High School around 2005. Planning in the Western suburbs and other areas based on demographics has a very poor history and past high school closures in hindsight have been very short sighted.
    9) What is wrong with the current Government’s plan to create a City Beach High School on the old site? Why not support that?
    10) Is the proposed site a short sighted/incorrect use of the land that is currently owned by government? What other options are there for this land? Why was the original sale process stopped?
    11) Are you prepared to meet with local affected parents from Perth Modern? If not, why not?
    12) Why threaten a school that already is doing so well and the majority are happy?

    Parents I speak with are really concerned with this proposal. Is WA Labor prepared to listen?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Kind Regards


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