Action you can take right now!


Your child (Yr 7,8,9) may not graduate from Perth Modern School unless we do something NOW. For Yr 10,11,12 and alumni, the name Perth Modern School won’t be worth as much in coming years. We need your help too!

Sign the Petition to save the school

Send an email to your candidates! (Thank you 🙂 )

Find Your Electorate: Emails and letters to your local member and candidate get attention.

Labor Candidates Email list.

Liberal Candidates: . Peter Collier is currently Minister for Education.

Contact the Liberal Party.

Visit the Facebook Page

Alert the Media: Write a letter to the editor, and tip them off that this is a major issue. If they are inundated with emails, they will follow it up.

Check out The people of the western suburbs need a school.


SOURCES and Links:

The official P & C statement to parents: P&C-press-release-17feb (PDF)

Perth Modernian Society

4 thoughts on “Action you can take right now!

  1. We are strongly opposed to the Labor Party’s plan to move Perth Modern Students to the city, We are concerned for their security and the loss of natural school habitat that students currently enjoy at Perth Mods current location. The city link area was designed as a business district and not a school site and is no place for our children some fresh from year 6 to be exposed to. We will fight tooth and nail against the Labor Party’s decision because we are concerned that it will have grave negative impacts on our children’s education.

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  2. Please add me to the list of parents outraged by this dangerous and ill-conceived policy proposal. This cynical political expediency must be stopped at all costs for the sake of our kids. Must have missed this while travelling and am just stunned by this display of political vandalism (and annoyed at myself for only coming to know about it yesterday)


    1. Vu we are doing something much more sophisticated and smart. Working on many levels and get Labor Party attention. We need volunteers to help with leaflet drops in key seats. Can you help?


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