Action you can take right now!


Your child (Yr 7,8,9) may not graduate from Perth Modern School unless we do something NOW. For Yr 10,11,12 and alumni, the name Perth Modern School won’t be worth as much in coming years. We need your help too!

Sign the Petition to save the school

Send an email to your candidates! (Thank you 🙂 )

Find Your Electorate: Emails and letters to your local member and candidate get attention.

Labor Candidates Email list.

Liberal Candidates: . Peter Collier is currently Minister for Education.

Contact the Liberal Party.

Visit the Facebook Page

Alert the Media: Write a letter to the editor, and tip them off that this is a major issue. If they are inundated with emails, they will follow it up.

Check out The people of the western suburbs need a school.


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Save our school!

This is going to happen if Labor win the election unless we speak up now.

If you are angry about this proposal get in touch with us. Contact your parent social coordinator through email, use the contact page here, or leave a comment here or at the facebook page. Being connected with other parents is the most important first step. Together we can stop this. We are getting advice, talking to State parliamentarians from both major parties and putting together a strategy.

To Do:

  • Write to the Labor and Liberal Candidate in your electorate.
  • Sign the petition: Academic Excellence stays at Perth Modern – say ‘NO’ to a high-rise school
  • Share the message on facebook. We’d love to see you join the group.
  • Send a letter to the editor.
  • Let friends know.
  • Send in your suggestions!

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