McCusker blasts Perth Mod plan

Don’t mess with best in West

It is said our state is “drowning in debt”… we have overcrowded prisons. Police, teachers and nurses should be paid better… Shouldn’t the government give priority to these, and other pressing needs, over spending millions on a project which is so strongly opposed and risks ruining such a successful school? — Malcolm McCuskers full Opinion piece here. 

There is an article about that: Bethany Hiatt, The West Australian Saturday 29th April


“Former WA governor and respected lawyer Malcolm McCusker has accused the new State Government of risking students’ health and safety with its plan to transfer the State’s brightest pupils from Perth Modern School to a high-rise school in the city.

Mr McCusker, who graduated from Perth Modern in 1955, has broken his silence on Labor’s plan to convert the academically selective public school to a regular high school and establish a new selective school on the top floors of a multi-storey building by 2020.

Education Minister Sue Ellery said the new school would have outdoor spaces, an auditorium and modern science facilities and would continue to produce outstanding results. “While I can appreciate Mr McCusker’s right to express his opposition to a decision to relocate a school, I do find it offensive that he or anyone would suggest that this Government would put students’ health or safety at risk,” she said.

REPLY from a concerned parent: The Minister for Education appears to be unaware of the extensive medical research that shows too many hours indoors and in built up environments is associated with eye damage, sleep and circadian rhythm disorders, mood, motivation, anxiety and depression. Children need sunlight and natural green space, not a rooftop in the city. See the Health tag. We are just getting started.

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