Gloves off: Time for Action

We’ve just heard that despite all the lobbying by dedicated supporters behind the scenes that Sue Ellery, Minister for Education, is still determined to push ahead with the plan to close Perth Modern School as we know it. It’s time to ramp things up.

Education Central is an experimental model, untried anywhere in Australia. It’s disruptive, rushed, poorly planned, and badly sited. It’s a flagrant expense we don’t want or need. The state is deep in debt.

There’s been no communication at all from the Minister of Education with Perth Modern School families. The Department of Education has announced the school will be local intake from 2020, but hasn’t bothered to notify families in Year 7 – 9 that their children will not be graduating from Perth Modern School.

Fed up? Let’s get cracking.

We’re getting organised to make sure it doesn’t happen. Don’t let them put eleven year olds in a skyscraper in a congested, noisy zone designed for business and adult entertainment.

It’s urgent: Write those letters!

We understand State Budget preparations are underway. Right now the Government is making decisions about what election commitments will be funded.  So it is imperative we speak up.  Your letters do matter and must be replied to by the Government. If we are silent, there is no pressure to change plans. Leave the politicians in no doubt of how risky and unwanted this project is.  There are better choices to solve overcrowding.

We’re only asking for the same facilities as any other parent in the state — an oval, green space, trees and outdoor areas, and cricket pitches in the sun. Space for children to play.

Don’t let politicians take risks with your children’s health and education! Speak up!

To make it easier we’ve assembled a Guide for writing letters. 

See the Key-points you may want to discuss.

Please CC us:

Get involved.  Let’s nip this unrealistic idea in the bud.

No more waiting for someone else to solve this. It’s up to us now, for the sake of our children.

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