The key points

The new government in Western Australia wants to close Perth Modern School as we know it and move children aged 10 – 18 to the top of a high rise building. In theory it will be 16 to 25 stories tall, without outdoor space apart from the roof.


The policy appeared without warning or consultation six weeks before the state election.

The Education Central  PDF

Unlike other public schools in Australia, there will be no ground access, no ovals, no green space and little prospect of trees. The building will be shared with other organizations, hundreds of thousands of visitors, and will not be owned by the Education Department, but built by a private developer and leased. Access for 1,500 students will be through lifts.

The proposed site is between the CBD and Northbridge, over the Perth underground Bus Port. It is one of the busiest sites in Perth.  Northbridge has high crime statistics and drugs.

The state government is $33 billion in debt (p19); this ambitious project is untested, yet is planned to be built in 2 years and 7 months for use by Jan 2020.


Parents and the broader school community are opposed

The P&C are overwhelming against this move. They remain worried about the effect on physical and mental health, the loss of school history, heritage, and a strong community which donated generously to support low income students and provide buildings.

Students without access to green spaces and natural daylight or outdoor areas are at increased risk of permanent eye damage, vitamin deficiencies,  mood changes and behavioural difficulties. “Green exercise” even changes heart rate patterns 12 hours later.

Perth Modern School serves all West Australians.

Perth Mod parents just want the same thing every parent wants, access to eduction that is appropriate to their childrens needs with recreation facilities similar to most schools.

They are grateful for the current school.

What you can do

No High Rise Schools. Save Perth Modern.

Join the Facebook Page.

Sign the petition: Academic Excellence stays at Perth Modern – say ‘NO’ to a high-rise school.

Get in touch with us. Contact your parent social coordinator through email, use the contact page here, or leave a comment here or at the facebook page.

Write letters to your elected representatives.

To make it easier we’ve assembled a Guide for writing letters. 

See the Key-points you may want to discuss.

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