Action you can take right now!


Your child (Yr 7,8,9) may not graduate from Perth Modern School unless we do something NOW. For Yr 10,11,12 and alumni, the name Perth Modern School won’t be worth as much in coming years. We need your help too!

Sign the Petition to save the school

Send an email to your candidates! (Thank you 🙂 )

Find Your Electorate: Emails and letters to your local member and candidate get attention.

Labor Candidates Email list.

Liberal Candidates: . Peter Collier is currently Minister for Education.

Contact the Liberal Party.

Visit the Facebook Page

Alert the Media: Write a letter to the editor, and tip them off that this is a major issue. If they are inundated with emails, they will follow it up.

Check out The people of the western suburbs need a school.


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NO! We don’t want a new identity

Perth Mod families don’t want a new name, a new identity, new bags, and new uniforms. It’s a pointless make-work scheme that increases employment …in China.

We don’t want to break the connection with the Modernians who bring wisdom, help and donations to the school.

The students of Perth Mod earned the great name. The name belongs to them.

We will fight to keep it.


Sample letter: “wanton vandalism”


Dear xxxx,

I am writing to protest regarding your announcement regarding the future of Perth Modern school. As a parent of a child at the school, I have seen her grow and develop as a result of excellent teaching and facilities. To propose to move the school to an inner city location is an act of wanton vandalism

In opposition, you have constantly berated this government for the way that it has handled capital investment. Yet you have announced a plan without undertaking stakeholder consultation and apparently without seeking Department of Education and Department of Treasury input. Where is the business case, the independently verified costings, the in-principle lease agreement?

This election was, for me, about ALL the issues. However now it has become single issue. I will not vote for Labor if this policy is not put to a proper and independent assessment by those best placed to do so (Education, Treasury).

In three weeks time I will be casting my vote. A vote for Labor is not a possibility whilst this policy remains without clarification. I am urging the 1000 plus Perth Modern families, drawn from across the State, to make a similar stand. This is a tight election and you need votes in marginal seats to win government. Our 1000 families can make the difference between government and opposition. I urge you to consider that carefully.

Yours sincerely,

Father, Perth.

Tell the media what you think!


30 Fielder Street, East Perth WA 6004  (GPO Box 9994, Perth WA 6848)
Phone (08) 9220 2700
Fax (08) 9220 2727
(Local Radio station: 720 ABC Perth)
Local Manager: Sarah Knight

The West Australian:     email

Channel 7 News:

Mailing address: PO Box 77, Tuart Hill WA 6060.
Switchboard: (08) 9344 0777.
Newsroom fax: (08) 9344 0808.
General fax: (08) 9344 0670.

Submit a story to 7 news. (Choose the WA  state to get the right newsroom)

9 News:

Perth Now:

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Take a great community — wreck it?

There’s something very special about the Perth Mod extended family. Perth Mod was designed as an academic selection school and the original Perth Modernians are still helping, sharing their wisdom, enthusiasm, and raising funds to improve the campus. Talented Modernians donate everything from art to wine for the P&C and school. They helped built a brand new gym — a fantastic resource. And the walls of the school are peppered with plaques and trophies of former Modernians and their achievements.

The new plans will extinguish this, breaking the trust of helpers, and cutting the connection which is proving so useful. Being gifted is a blessing but also a burden. It can be a lonely path being the only kid in a school who wants to do binary code at lunch time.

For many kids, Perth Mod is the first time they’ve found a kindred spirit.

The current site links students across the generations with strangers who may have graduated 70 years ago. It is a fragile and special thing.

A high rise building in the city would be leased, erasing the history and preventing any chance of owning the space, creating an equivalent identity. Not to mention the rent will mean significant money taken out of the education budget. (There are rumours the Education Department is expecting to spend something like $13m pa on rent.)

*Edited April 7th to correct $30m to $13m pa and for clarity and tone.

The reality of a “high-rise”school

There is only one “vertical school” in Perth and it’s new, small, and private.

Does anyone think it is realistic to put 1,500 students on a roof? Perth Modern is six times larger than the only high-rise school in Perth which has 230 students and has been running for just one or two years.

The future appears to be a concrete jungle, steel mesh, and the sound and smell of traffic. Continue reading “The reality of a “high-rise”school”

Save our school!

This is going to happen if Labor win the election unless we speak up now.

If you are angry about this proposal get in touch with us. Contact your parent social coordinator through email, use the contact page here, or leave a comment here or at the facebook page. Being connected with other parents is the most important first step. Together we can stop this. We are getting advice, talking to State parliamentarians from both major parties and putting together a strategy.

To Do:

  • Write to the Labor and Liberal Candidate in your electorate.
  • Sign the petition: Academic Excellence stays at Perth Modern – say ‘NO’ to a high-rise school
  • Share the message on facebook. We’d love to see you join the group.
  • Send a letter to the editor.
  • Let friends know.
  • Send in your suggestions!




2017 WACSSO State Election Forum on Education

Save the date! 6 for a 6.30pm start. Thursday,  23 February, 2017. The Rise | 28 Eighth Ave, Maylands. There is plenty of available parking and ample access to public transport.

Party representatives

Liberal: Minister for Education, Hon Peter Collier MLC
Labor: Shadow Minister for Education, Hon Sue Ellery MLC
Nationals: Hon Mia Davies MLA
Greens: Hon Alison Xamon MLC


Overwhelming opposition from Parents and Citizens

For release to press. Friday 17th February 2017


[A few quotes:] The Labor Party’s election commitment to relocate Perth Modern School students to a new academically selective school in the city was overwhelmingly opposed by a special meeting of the School’s Parents and Citizens body.

At a hastily convened extraordinary meeting on February 7 the overwhelming majority of those attending were concerned that the ALP’s election commitment with respect to Perth Modern School had been developed and announced without consultation with any of the stakeholders – the parent body, the Education Department or the school executive.

“The announcement took parents completely by surprise,” the President said…

…the tradition and heritage is at risk without the longevity of the location at Roberts Road.

Generous alumni … have set up trust funds that award scholarships to students in financial need and have provided significant contributions to major building projects.

“There were very genuine grave concerns expressed in relation to student welfare and disruption to the academic future of current students.” Students currently in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be displaced during their critical years. They were not aware of this proposal when they made their application for entry to Perth Modern …

“…There is overwhelming concern and opposition to the proposal and worry about the uncertainty it is creating.”

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